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We offer a variety of powerful books that deal with the global condition of African People (both inside & outside of Continental Africa). These books are focused upon examining the multiple problems facing The African World today, and offers solutions to how these problems can be solved.


We offer an extensive collection of dynamic DVD presentations that cover a wide range of topics & issues that impact the lives of African People Globally, and offers some clear & concise instructions on what we can do to address & resolve them.


We offer an array of colorful T-Shirts that are adorned with positive symbols & messages that serve to both educate & inspire.

We Are Shakari Publications


Shakari Publications has been in business for over 30 years supplying African-centered books, DVDs, T-Shirts & jewelry to the public. We strive for excellence in the quality of the products that we offer, and customer satisfaction is one of our highest priorities.

Our Passion is to Educate


Our motto at Shakari Publications is “We can build a better world & future through proper education & action.” We stand firm on this principle, and we seek to promote it through the products that we offer.

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